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2016 Season 3 Plans

I spent some time over the weekend working out which series I'll be squeezing into the small amount of time I'm going to be able to set aside for racing each week. The winner is; Spec Racer Ford!

The crucial reason ended up being the fact that it seems to be the only series on the list of my interests which has decent participation during the times I'm going to be able to race. Of course, the fact that I'm really enjoying learning more about this weird vehicle was rather important too.

I had two very enjoyable races in the SRF around Watkins Glen over the weekend, one where I snagged a 3rd place finish after an intense 3 way battle over the final 5 laps. I still found myself pointing the wrong direction in both races, but these were outliers in otherwise rather consistently clean and quick-ish laps.

My goal for 2016 Season 3 is to run at least 1 race each week after putting enough enough practice time to be safe and consistent. I feel that if I can focus on keeping the car pointed in the right direction I can happily battle for top 5 finishes and enjoy racing in the mid pack behind the actually quick guys.

One thing I realised over the weekend was that no one seems to run the Solstice in the Production Car series any more, at least not at the times I'm racing. That makes me sad. The upside is that it'll force me to invest more seat time in the SRF rather than jumping into random Production Car races.

I'm Back!

After a longer than expected hiatus I've finally got my sim racing rig back up and running. I was dreading that any skills I had built up would have withered away, but I was quite happy to find that I with only a few laps of practice I was able to secure a third place in a top split MX5 Cup race.

I also turned a few practice laps in the Ruf with the Team Ruf guys and was somewhat amazed that I was able to post a very competitive time around Lime Rock.

I'm very eager to get some seat time in the new cars I'd purchased but hadn't had a chance to drive yet; the Aston Martin and the Kia.

Triple Screens

I've purchased a new video card and 3 matching monitors in order to get iRacing up and running in a triple screen setup.

!-- image triple-screens_1.jpg --!

I knew that it would be an improvement, but oh boy I didn't fully comprehend just how awesome running iRacing at a 143 degree field of view would be.

One side effect was that I could not longer use my iRacing Session Info application in the same way I had in the past. Previously I ran iRacing in windowed mode on my main screen and other applications on my 2nd screen; Session Info, iSpeed.

I didn't want to be alt-tab'ing in and out of the iRacing application rather than warming up before a race, so I worked out a solution.

As you can see in my photo above, I have my android phone attached to the center of my steering wheel and display the speed delta and fuel info from iSpeed on it. I now also use an android app called Remote Launcher which I use to run a batch file that executes my Session Info app. When it finishes collecting all the data from the website it plays a wav file letting me know. Session Info now includes a feature to output to a html file and I run a simple webserver on my PC called Mongoose which allows me to load up that html file on my phone and check all the info out.

I'm doing final testing on all this at the moment and as soon as I'm confident it is all super solid I'll update my Session Info page with the new version and details.

Catch Up

I'd slipped out of the habit of posting weekly stats and a wrap up on Tuesdays. I've just dumped stats for the 4 weeks I missed.

The general overview is that I've continued to thoroughly enjoy driving the Mustang in the Grand Touring Cup and putting in solid results. I'm currently sitting 4th in the series, though that isn't exactly "true" because a number of the very quick guys have already missed a week or two. I'd say that all in all I'm currently in the top 10.

I have especially enjoyed the Mustang at Road America and Monza as both of these tracks have led to some incredibly tight races. I loved turning laps at Brands Hatch and Summit Point, but races at those two tracks didn't result in many passing opportunities.

Along with the GTC I've continued to run in the Ruf Cup, slowly learning how to tame the beast. Unlike the Mustang, I really haven't clicked in the Ruf C-Spec yet. I still feel as though I'm constantly on the edge of losing control, yet I'm always 2 seconds or more per lap off the pace. Its obvious that I need more practice, but I'm finding it difficult to muster up the motivation to dedicate seat time to the Ruf over the Mustang.