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Bass Shakers

After checking out Barry's video review of the Sim Racing Studio ShakeKit rumble seat pad thingo, I started to research the Dayton Tactile Transducer pucks that he revealed to be used the SRS product.

I decided to buy 4 of the Dayton pucks, a cheap USB soundcard, and hunted down a 2nd hand sound system amp to drive them. I DIY'd a solution to mount everything under my wooden seat box that I have my scavenged car seat bolted onto. The project wasn't very difficult and the results really impressed me. I found that the amazing SimHub software did everything I needed and more. I've since started using SimHub to drive the dash I display on my old android phone too.

I now can't imagine sim racing without the tactile feedback that the Dayton pucks provide.

2019 Season 1 Series Stats

For the last few seasons I've been generating some rather in-depth "info-graphic" style end of season stats and sharing them on the iRacing forum for each series. I figured I'll start posting them here too, with links to each:

I can generate versions of these which highlight particular drivers. Below I've included an example of this showing just 1 table and graph that highlights myself and 2 of my friends:

2019 Season 1 Series Stats

I accept a $5 iRacing credit donation in return for generating personalised output. Drop a comment if you're interested.

Aiologs sequential shifter and handbrake

To wrap up my spending spree and finish off my "this is getting serious" sim-racing rig upgrades; I've placed a pre-order for a sequential shifter and handbrake from the next batch of Aiologs products.

Aiologs sequential shifter and handbrake
Aiologs sequential shifter and handbrake

Here's the review from Barry at the Sim Racing Garage, where I first learned about these excellent products:

I've also picked up a 2nd hand Fanatec Universal Hub and Forza rim. I plan on removing the paddle shifters and button stalks, running it completely bare bones.

Aiologs sequential shifter and handbrake

The impulse for this came mostly due to the release of Dirt Rally 2.0. I'm holding off purchasing the game until my new hardware arrives, but I really wanted to have a decent rally setup available.

Fanatec DD1 and ClubSport Formula 1 Rim

Following on from my upgrade to the ProtoSimTech PT2 pedals, which I am very impressed with, I have made pre-orders with Fanatec and look forward to getting my hands on a DD1 wheel base and ClubSport Formula 1 Rim.

I'll be waiting to find out the pricing of the Podium Advanced Paddle Module to see if I'll be adding them to my order too. I'll have to evaluate how much the dual clutch paddle, 2 extra levers, and magnetic actions are worth to me.