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Anova's DIY Guide to Building a Sous Vide Cooler

A sous vide cooler makes it easy to cook for days (literally!). The reason? Insulation. By insulating your sous vide container, you can prevent evaporation, increase efficiency, and maintain precise temperatures in even larger vessels. The Precision Cooker is listed with a maximum vessel capacity of 20 quarts/5 gallons/~19 liters of water–but you can actually exceed the recommended max capacity and maintain temperature just as well with proper insulation. In fact, Anova can maintain down-to-the-degree temperature control with as big of a container of water as you can find. Our customers have had success with 33-quart coolers and up due to how well the insulation helps things. That’s bananas!

Resting Meat, Juice Is Flavour

The edges of the steak have cooled all the way down to around 125degF, allowing them to suck up even more liquid from the center of the steak. What's more, the center of the steak has by this time cooled down to around 120degF, causing it to widen slightly. Cut the meat open at this stage, and the liquid will be so evenly and thinly distributed throughout the steak that surface tension is enough to keep it from spilling out on the plate.