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Classic Game Postmortem: Sid Meier's Civilization

In this 2017 GDC classic game postmortem, Civilization creators Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley tell the story of how Shelley's background in board game design and Meier's history of sim game development blended together perfectly to create what is perhaps the biggest and longest-running strategy game franchise in the world.

Doom: A Classic Game Post-Mortem

In this 2011 talk Doom's John Romero and Tom Hall give a post-mortem on the making of the classic first-person shooter, touching on the inspiration, design decisions, and challenges along the way.

Diablo: A Classic Game Postmortem

Diablo developer David Brevik returns to the GDC stage to give a classic post-mortem on Blizzard's action RPG hit Diablo in this 2016 talk. Brevik shares key takeaways from the experience and sheds light on how the game went from a single-player, turn-based claymation DOS game to the genre-defining classic it became.

DOOM: Behind the Music

In this 2017 session, Doom composer Mick Gordon provides a detailed look into the compositional process, production techniques and creative philosophies behind the hell-raising soundtrack to the 4th installment of the seminal first-person shooter franchise, Doom.

BATTLETECH #SuperPreAlpha First Look!

A short sneak-peek of combat in an early pre-alpha build of BATTLETECH! We look forward to showing you more of the game later this year. We've also re-opened a select number of Late Backer Reward Tiers for the game - if you're interested in becoming a Backer, head to

Sea of Thieves Gameplay

Sea of Thieves is Rare's comical pirate sim and we've had a chance to splice the mainbrace, whatever that is, and set sail in search of our fortune. There are dramatic ship battles, majestic sunsets and more than a little drinking.

The Making of Lemmings

At the core of the game is a brilliant original idea. You apply one of eight abilities to the lemmings, which all have obvious uses but can also follow on and interrupt each other to offer new possibilities. These can be simple and natural – transitioning a digger into a floater – or fiendish tests of multitasking and timing. Try catching a digger as a floater, turning him into a blocker, catching the lemmings behind him as floaters, then grabbing one to build a bridge up as a landing pad before you run out of brollies. Later levels ask for enormous precision, making you land lemmings on tiny pillars, bounce bridges around the landscape, and carve mercilessly through the terrain.

The Making of Lemmings