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Yann Frisch Cup and Balls

I love how this guy incorporates juggling elements in his magic show in a way where you're never quite sure when it's juggling and when it's magic.

Jugglers have rewired brains

'We tend to think of the brain as being static, or even beginning to degenerate, once we reach adulthood,' says Dr Heidi Johansen-Berg of the Department of Clinical Neurology, University of Oxford, who led the work. 'In fact we find the structure of the brain is ripe for change. We've shown that it is possible for the brain to condition its own wiring system to operate more efficiently.''We have demonstrated that there are changes in the white matter of the brain - the bundles of nerve fibres that connect different parts of the brain - as a result of learning an entirely new skill,' explains Dr Johansen-Berg.