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PhotoFrame PC Update

The Digital PhotoFrame PC located in my kitchen sees near daily use; in the morning while I make coffee I trigger playback of the Australian Broadcasting Commision's 90 second news headlines and NPR's 5 minute news update. While I'm preparing dinner I'll often use it to stream jazz from Occasionally I'll use it to display a recipe to follow along with.

All in all there isn't much reason that I'd want to change the setup, it currently functions exactly as I want. However, it is running Windows XP which is no longer support by Microsoft. I don't like the idea of having an unsecurable machine running on the network so I've started planning on switching it to run Lubuntu Linux.

Obviously this would require that I recreate all the AutoIT scripts which currently trigger all of the above things. I'm very confident that I could easily do this via Python based scripts. I've also started looking for one to one replacements for the handful of other features I make use of:

  • Variety to handle background image display and rotation.
  • Conky or LXDE screenlet for weather and clock.