Road 2015 S2 Week 1

I finished Week 1 of 2015 Season 2 very happy with the results in the two series I'm focusing on this season; the Grand Touring Cup and the Ruf Cup.

Two out of three of my races in the GTC were amazingly enjoyable, featuring race long battles for the lead. The 3rd and final race was a bit less intense, as I managed to build a comfortable 12 second lead by the checkered flag.

The Ruf Cup started as I had feared; the first two races saw me taken out by impatient drivers who don't understand that racing at Mount Panorama is a game of patience. Luckily the 3rd race at the Mountain was far better. I let a few drivers by me as I settled in. I ended up finishing in 5th place and looking at the lap timing I probably could have push a little harder in the initial laps and battled for 4th. Actually, if I had of avoided a little offroading at the chase I could have been fighting for 3rd. Still, I was glad to get 86 points in the bag.

The other interesting thing that came out of that particular race was an offer to join a team for the Ruf Cup and perhaps some endurance races. I'll post more when it is official.

I ran some Mazda Cup races just because it was at Summit Point, though I have to admit I didn't enjoy these as much as I had expected. I also ran two races in the WSCS just for fun, the first I really enjoyed the second I crashed out of early. I did a single GT3 race to trade some iRating for Safety Rating, at one point during the week I was down to 2.03 after the single Production Car Challenge race I ran. That race was a pretty terrible display of dirty driving by someone who defended the lead very aggressively and then bomb dived into the side of my car to retake the lead after I'd got by him. I was very unimpressed.

Series Races Wins Points Avg Start Pos Avg Fin Pos Avg iR Avg SR
Mazda Cup 4 0 103 2.0 7.2 -34 -0.07
Grand Touring Cup 3 2 111 1.0 1.3 47 0.12
Ruf Cup 3 0 86 3.3 11.0 -70 -0.02
World Sports Car Series 2 0 29 12.5 12.0 -70 0.03
Production Car Challenge 1 0 60 1.0 3.0 -3 -0.24
GT3 Challenge Series 1 0 52 22.0 20.0 -20 0.35

License B
Safety Rating 2.63
Corners Per Incident 34.73
iRating 2393
ttRating 1650
Total Driving Time 6 hrs 47 mins
Race Starts 14
Race Finishes 8
Disqualified 0
Disconnections 6
Qualify Sessions 9
Time Trials 1
Wins 2
Podium Finishes 5
Top 5 Finishes 6
Average Finish Postion 8.1
Total Laps 161
Incidents 62

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