Road 2015 S2 Week 2

Another good week driving the Mustang in the Grand Touring Cup, 3 wins from 4 starts. I'd kind of decided that after winning 3 from 3 I was going to stop for the week, but yesterday I just couldn't help myself. I again started on pole and was leading a close battle with Shane before I went too deep into the hairpin and when I tried to protect the inside he'd already got his nose up beside me. I made contact with my right rear and got spun around. Bummer. On top of the GTC races I also posted a decent Time Trial result.

The two Ruf Cup races were enjoyable, especially since one of them was with my new team mate (more on that is coming soon). In the 2nd race I could have finished in a better position, but I pushed too hard on the exit of the final corner and spun when I dropped a rear wheel onto the grass. I avoided damage, but I lost a few spots.

I ran a couple of races in the Skippy at Lime Rock, just for giggles. I'd say they were the most enjoyable races I've had in that car, next season I might actually look at putting some focus on it.

The Road Warrior Series race was the 12 Hours of Sebring, and you can see the big gain in SR it brought.

Series Races Wins Points Avg Start Pos Avg Fin Pos Avg iR Avg SR
Grand Touring Cup 4 3 118 1.0 2.2 39 0.06
Skip Barber Race Series 2 0 97 11.0 10.5 -17 -0.02
Ruf Cup 2 0 61 6.0 9.0 -50 -0.10
Mazda Cup 1 0 79 9.0 7.0 5 0.11
Road Warrior Series 1 0 76 30.0 15.0 0 1.83

License B
Safety Rating 4.55
Corners Per Incident 69.33
iRating 2419
ttRating 1634
Total Driving Time 9 hrs 5 mins
Race Starts 10
Race Finishes 10
Disqualified 0
Disconnections 0
Qualify Sessions 7
Time Trials 2
Wins 3
Podium Finishes 3
Top 5 Finishes 4
Average Finish Postion 7.0
Total Laps 229
Incidents 36

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