The reason a price on carbon is hard

In a sane world, where the public sphere consisted of sensible discussion of important issues, Julia Gillard and Labor would be a shoo-in for the next election, patted on the back for tackling the matter in a responsible way and applauded for attempting to fix the mess created by her inept predecessor, Kevin Rudd.She would be seen to be doing nothing more than keeping her commitment to put a price on carbon and doing it with due consultation with the other members of parliament - the independents and the Greens - with whose votes she governs and who were also elected to the Parliament by citizens of our democratic country.The discussion in this putatively sane world would be dominated by careful consideration of such matters as what price to place on carbon, the benefits of a carbon tax versus that of an emissions trading scheme, consideration of how our scheme would work with international schemes, and matters to do with compensation for industry and consumers.